Bosom Buddies Charities, Inc. Makes Donation to Breast Center

(left to right) Gary Bigelow, former regional director, Imaging, Kate Lytle, Jodie Gray, director, Bosom Buddies Charities, Roberta J. Lilly, MD, medical director of the Clark Comprehensive Breast Center, Karen White, treasurer, Bosom Buddies Charities, Claudia Boldyga, director, Bosom Buddies Charities and F. Graham Lee, vice president, Philanthropy.

Bosom Buddies Charities, Inc. recently presented the Clark Comprehensive Breast Center at University of Maryland Shore Regional Health with the second installment of their $62,700 pledge for the purchase of upgraded equipment related to 3D mammography.

When the center started using 3D mammography, physicians and radiologist were able to see more definitive areas of concern in the breast more clearly.  However, the scale and size of these findings made it very difficult to see them on the current stereo imaging grid, as it is over 10 years old. Upgraded equipment would include a new camera, software, autoguide, table top pad and lateral probe guide that would allow the clinical staff to improve visualization of these smaller lesions and provide better diagnosis for patients.

The Clark Comprehensive Breast Center provides services for breast cancer diagnosis, treatment and support enabling women to make informed decisions about their care and treatment plan when faced with this diagnosis. For more information, visit For additional information about Bosom Buddies Charities, Inc., visit