Bosom Buddies Charities, Inc. Makes Purchase of Breast Cancer Technology Possible

Pictured are (left to right) F. Graham Lee, vice president of philanthropy, UM Shore Regional Health; Veronica Haggart and Deidre Wilson of Bosom Buddies; Dr. Roberta Lilly, medical director, Comprehensive Breast Center; Karen White, Bosom Buddies; and Pat O’Shea, director of development, UM Memorial Hospital Foundation.

Bosom Buddies Charities, Inc buy sildenafil. recently presented the Comprehensive Breast Center at University of Maryland Shore Regional Health with the second installment of their $88,000 pledge for the purchase of a BioVision Faxitron® specimen radiography system, the latest technology for the treatment and care of breast cancer patients.

When performing a surgical procedure on a breast cancer patient, x-ray imaging of the removed sample is the standard of care because it provides the surgeon with pertinent information related to the patient’s condition.  Prior to the Faxitron® technology, samples would be sent to radiology for analysis after which the radiologist would call back to the operating room to provide the surgeon with a report.  Depending on the results, removal of additional breast tissue may have been necessary, thus the need for additional testing, while the patient was still under anesthesia.

The BioVision Faxitron® allows the surgeon to take an x-ray of the sample and analyze it within the operating room. This reduces the time in the operating room and helps minimize the potential for future surgeries. Having this technology in the operating room reduces delays in the analysis of breast tissue samples and ultimately reduces the anesthesia time for the patient.  In addition, the images are stored within the machine and kept as part of the patient’s medical record.