Bosom Buddies Charity Helps Fund Faxitron Purchase for Clark Comprehensive Breast Center

Seated left to right: Jenny Griffin, board member; Karen Barbosa, DO, medical director Clark Comprehensive Breast Center; and Claudia Boldyga, board chair. Standing left to right: Jody Gray, board member; Jeanie Scott, director, oncology services; and Kate Lytle, board vice chair.

Staff of University of Maryland Shore Regional Health’s Clark Comprehensive Breast Center recently met with Board Members of Bosom Buddies Charities to thank them for their continuing support. The Charity’s $30,000 sponsorship to the UM Shore Regional Health Sporting Clays Classic on October 24 helped purchase a Faxitron™ machine for the Breast Center. The Faxitron captures digital images of specimens during surgery that can be sent to Radiology immediately, thus reducing the time a patient is anesthetized.

“We are deeply grateful for Bosom Buddies Charities’ commitment to help ensure we have state-of-the-art equipment for diagnosis and treatment,” says Charles T. Capute, board chair, UM Memorial Hospital Foundation. “As an important technology used in breast surgery, the Faxitron™ helps our surgeons provide optimal care for each patient.”

In 2015, Bosom Buddies Charities completed an $88,000 pledge, which allowed the Center to purchase its first Faxitron™.

“Bosom Buddies Charities is proud to be a donor to the Clark Comprehensive Breast Center,” said Board Chair Claudia Boldyga. “The Breast Center meets our mission of promoting breast cancer awareness, encouraging early detection, supporting treatment and celebrating healing. Our community appreciates all the hard work the Center team does so that patients can get the best possible care. We are honored to be a part of it. ”

Last year, the Clark Comprehensive Breast Center provided breast care to more than 3,100 patients, diagnosing more than 145 new cases of breast cancer.