Grateful Patient Becomes Generous Donor

Ginger and Marion Bevard

Marion Bevard of Bozman retired to the Eastern Shore in 1988, following a successful career in a family-owned ready-mix concrete and sand and gravel business in the Washington, D.C. area. He had hunted with his father and clients years before on the Eastern Shore and dreamed one day he would live on the water here.

With views of the Choptank River, Mr. Bevard’s Bozman home has plenty of room for his lifelong collection of antique Mack Trucks and is providing the ideal location to teach his eight grandchildren how to fish on local Chesapeake Bay waters.

In November 2011, Mr. Bevard, a healthy active 72-year-old, got up in the middle of the night and suffered a small stroke. Fortunately, his wife, Ginger, woke up and, when she saw her husband returning to bed, she noticed that he was dragging his leg. When he spoke to her, his speech was slurred. She immediately called 911. Mr. Bevard’s hospitalization at Memorial Hospital in Easton inspired him to give back to the hospital for which he has been a donor for several years.

Mr. Bevard recalls, “I was admitted to Memorial Hospital’s Neuroscience Unit for one night and they determined that the stroke had been caused by a 70 percent blockage in my carotid artery. I was given the option to be transferred to the hospital’s Requard Center for Acute Rehabilitation, where I could have intensive rehabilitation for five consecutive days, so that is what I did.”

According to Mrs. Bevard, that call to 911 followed by immediate rehabilitation made a tremendous difference in her husband’s recovery time. She comments, “They did physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy right away in the Requard Center. The treatment plan was comprehensive and they went over all of what he needed to know to help him resume his active lifestyle upon returning home.”

Commenting on his experience at Memorial Hospital, Mr. Bevard adds, “It was a very positive experience and they made us feel right at home there. The nurses and therapists were well trained and exceptional in patient relations. They got me up and moving right away. My rehabilitation program was custom-fit to my exact needs and I made great strides.”

Until he turned 70, Mr. Bevard had only been in the hospital one time. He quips, “At age 70, I started needing spare parts and had both back and shoulder surgeries at Memorial Hospital. I have had nothing but positive experiences at Shore Health System.”

After each hospital visit, Mr. Bevard wanted to do something to say ‘thank you’ for what Memorial Hospital had done for him. He comments, “My donations are my way of showing thanks to everyone who has cared for me. The staff there has been so positive and helpful in my recoveries. I believe in sharing and I know the Memorial Hospital Foundation can benefit from the funds.”

The Requard Center for Acute Rehabilitation located at Memorial Hospital is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. The intense inpatient rehabilitation program meets the needs of people 18 and older who demonstrate a medical need for comprehensive medical rehabilitation in a hospital setting. The Requard Center is the first and only comprehensive acute rehabilitation center of its kind for the Upper and Mid-Shore region.