UM Memorial Hospital Foundation Raises Funds for Advanced Rehabilitation Technology

Appearing with the InMotion Upper Extremity Robot (left to right) are Ken Kozel, president and CEO of UM Shore Regional Health; JoAnne Hahey, chief financial officer; Chris Parker, regional senior vice president, clinical services and chief nursing officer; Cassandra Kinser, occupational therapist; Sara Pender, occupational therapist (seated); Jessica Denny, physical therapist; Charles Capute, UM Memorial Hospital Foundation board chairman; William Roth, senior director, Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services; and Graham Lee, vice president for philanthropy. Missing from picture is Margaret Wood, physical therapist responsible for GAITRite computerized gait analysis equipment.

University of Maryland Memorial Hospital Foundation of Shore Regional Health recently committed $100,000 to support the purchase of new high-tech equipment for the Stroke/Neurological Disorders Program at Requard Center for Acute Rehabilitation (RCAR), located in UM Shore Medical Center at Easton.

The Foundation’s annual Spring Appeal focused on helping fund the Center’s recent purchase of two key pieces of equipment: the GAITRite system and the InMotion Upper Extremity Robot, both of which are in use at RCAR.

The GAITRite system is a portable electronic walkway that helps speed recovery in walking. It also provides the patient with ongoing feedback and guidance on walking correctly and avoiding the development of incorrect habits as they adjust to their disability.

The InMotion Upper Extremity Robot (IMUER) is oriented to the hands, wrists and arms of the patient to assist patients with neurological disorders as they recover their upper extremity use – often the lengthiest and most difficult recovery.

“If a patient can begin his or her recovery with an intensive acute rehabilitation approach complemented by this equipment, the stage is set for significantly better recovery,” says William Roth, senior director of Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services for UM Shore Regional Health.

Charles T. Capute, Esq., chairman of the UM Memorial Hospital Foundation board, led the fundraising effort after RCAR staff identified GAITRite and InMotion as priority technology for patient recovery.

“This equipment advances UM Shore Regional Health to the forefront of technological interventions in physical rehabilitation,” Capute says.

Videos highlighting the equipment in use at the Requard Center can be viewed here.

University of Maryland Memorial Hospital Foundation is a private, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization serving the fundraising needs of University of Maryland Shore Medical Center at Easton and UM Shore Regional Health. Through its philanthropic efforts, the Foundation supports UM Shore Regional Health’s ability to provide quality healthcare to the local community by contributing to hospital programs and services.